The “Love” Family (skit)

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…love is kind. 1 Corinthians 13:4         

Props: masking tape, Bible, scissors 

Setting: A family—the “Love” family – comes to the stage. Mr. and Mrs. Love – along with their children, Brother and Sister Love — appear normal except for one thing:  they’re all taped up.  The family members have tape around their wrists and ankles and over their mouths.   

Narrator:  Not too long ago in a town not too far from here there lived a family not too different from some families you might know.  (Enter the Love family, hobbling on stage while taped up).  Mr. and Mrs. Love lived with their children, Brother and Sister Love in a lovely little home.  They were a lovely family with lovely lives.  There was only one problem:  They didn’t know how to show their love for one another. 

 Anytime they tried to say anything to one another… 

Love family: Mmmmmpppphhhhh… (progressively louder and more emphatic).   

Narrator: Things just never quite came out right.  And anytime they tried to do anything for each other or give anything to each other…. 

Love family: Swing hands around and become frustrated to the point of half-accidentally hitting each other.  Meanwhile, make noises of frustration. 

Narrator:  Well, that just didn’t turn out well, either.  And whenever they tried to go anywhere as a family… 

Love family:  Head in the same direction, but fall all over the floor as a result of your ankles being tied together.   

Narrator:  This went on for years until one day… “Love Man” appeared. 

“Love Man,” an ordinary boy, enters.   

Narrator: Wait a minute… you don’t look like a Superhero. 

Love Man: I’m not.  I’m just an ordinary kid. 

Narrator: Then what are you going to do to help this family in distress, in dire circumstances and desperate conditions…? 

Love Man: I’m going to tell them about the love of God, and He will teach them how to love each other. 

Narrator:  Hmm…

 Love Man: (Holds up Bible and speak to family) The Bible says that love is kind.  God has been kind to you and it’s time for you to be kind to one another. 

 (Family mumbles in response).

 Love Man: First you must accept God’s kindness.  Are you ready to do that?

(Family mumbles yes and nods).

 Love Man: (cutting the tape from each of them) God’s love will make you free to love others.

 Love family: (embracing and speaking to one another simultaneously) “I love you!”

 Narrator: From that day on the Love family really did live a life full of love for each other, a love that they showed to each other in their kind words and actions. 

(Love family exits, doting all over each other).


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