Row, Row, Row Your Boat

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…faith without good works is dead. James 2:26 (NIrV) 

Props: office chair (with wheels), 2 oars (or something that could act as oars)

Set up the chair on the stage or floor of the room with the 2 oars beside it.   

            I’ve often seen people in rowboats, rowing peacefully down a river.  I thought I might try it, but it’s probably safer to try it on land first.  If I can get the hang of it on land, it will be easier once I do try it in the water.  Okay, let’s see.  (Sit down in chair).  First things first: I have to get in the boat.  (Pick up “oars”).  Now I have to pick up the oars and get ready to (sing) “row, row, row my boat, gently down the stream.”  Oh, nevermind.  Okay, here I go.  (Begin “rowing”).

            Wow, this is harder than I thought.  I think I’ll just give one of my arms a break.  (Continue rowing with just one oar).  What’s wrong?  Why am I going in circles?  I guess I need to row with both oars.  Otherwise, I’m not going to get anywhere. 

            The Bible says that faith without good works is dead.  That means faith is just part of the process.  You have to get involved.  It’s not always enough to just believe.  You have to do something.  (Demonstrate moving forward with both oars and going in circles with just one oar).  When you’re praying in faith for something, God will do His part.  But you also have to do your part.  If you don’t, you’re going to go in circles in your walk with the Lord. 

            You can’t row a boat with one oar; you’d go in circles.  And you can’t have faith without good works.  Faith means getting involved.  Get involved by doing good works for the Lord!


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