Hello Up There… (skit—God’s grace)

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Teacher: Imagine someone trapped in a pit…

Offstage voices 1, 2 and 3: Hello up there…Can anyone hear us?  We’re trapped down here in this pit.  Yoo-hoo… (etc.)

Teacher: That’s like we are before we ask Jesus to forgive us for our sins and He comes into our lives.  We are trapped in the devil’s pit–sin.  There’s no way to get out without God’s help.  And there’s no way for these people to get out of this pit without someone helping them.

Offstage voices: (pitifully) Help.  Anyone… We don’t want to be in this pit forever.  Someone please help. 

Offstage voice 4: I hear you need help. 

Voices: Yes! Yes! Yes!  Oh, yes! Right here.  Please help.

Teacher: When God comes he offers His forgiveness because His son Jesus already took your punishment.  He can rescue you from the devil’s trap of sin.  All you have to do is trust in Him to save you.  These people only need to accept the help of the one who is trying to rescue them.

Voice 4: Okay.  I’ll lower this rope and pull you out one at a time.  Ready?

Voice 1:  Uh…This isn’t the type of rescue I had in mind.  I think I’ll just stay in the pit.

Voices 2 and 3: You’re crazy… What?!

Voice 4: Have it your way.

Voice 2: I’m ready.  Lower the rope.

Voice 4:  You don’t have to do anything.  I’ll pull you up.

(Sounds of pulling)

 Voice 2: Thank you so much!  You really did do it all.  You saved my life.  Thank you.

Voice 4: You ready down there?

Voice 3: Yep.

Voice 4: Okay.  Here we go.

(Sounds of pulling)

 Voice 3: Look at me!  I’m safe and sound on the ground.  And just think.  If I hadn’t pulled myself up on the rope, I would still be down there.

Voice 2: But you didn’t do anything! He did all the work!  Some people just don’t get it.

Teacher: Some people won’t take the free gift of God.  He offers to rescue all people who will trust in Him and accept His forgiveness.  But some people won’t do it.  Other people are like that last person we saw.  They let God rescue them, but they think that they did it by being good enough.  The ones who know the truth know that God is the only one who can save and rescue us.  We are saved because He did it all.  It was because He was good to us, and nothing else.  We can’t be good enough on our own.  God does it just because He loves us.


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